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The MANGUEIRA & GOULART ADVOGADOS office is strategically located in the Brasília Shopping Center, five minutes away from the Superior Courts and TJDFT, offering convenience and good structure to our clients.

Our law firm MANGUEIRA & GOULART ADVOGADOS was created by experienced professionals, after individual work and in offices in the Federal District. It is located in Setor Bancário Sul, Brasília -DF,  our team is committed and has the high level of knowledge, skills and experience necessary to provide our customers with the best strategy for each specific case, with an innovative spirit in search of new solutions, and with a view to working with other professionals and in multidisciplinary teams, with strong connections throughout the national and international territory.

We also have correspondents and partners in Goiás, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Brazilian Northeast.
We believe in building solutions to their legal problems and assisting them in managing their business with the proper legal guidance and bringing tranquility and growth to our customers.


Desde sua instituição, o escritório prioriza uma relação extremamente transparente com os seus clientes, as causas inicialmente passam por uma banca de advogados especializados, e após um melhor planejamento estratégico, as petições são confeccionadas exclusivamente para o caso concreto, com a supervisão de um coordenador(a) e revisor(a) de cada peça, levando em consideração as peculiaridades e a melhor estratégia a ser adotada para a solução que mais atenda os anseios do cliente, sempre com intuito de alcançar o resultado e excelência no trabalho realizado.

Our services

The office's service is focused on Criminal Law, with 24-hour duty, Copyright, Trademarks and Patents, according to the needs of our clients, in addition we provide services in search of efficiency, in the various areas of Law, Agribusiness,  Labor, Family and Succession. There is also technical support from other professionals, in the development of risk management. Our lawyers are involved in different segments of society, and from various sectors, and new lawyers with innovative ideas, in the provision of legal services. We also have correspondents and partners in Goiás, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Brazilian Northeast.

We always believe in building solutions to their legal problems and assisting them in managing their business with the proper legal guidance and bringing tranquility and growth to our customers.

Analysis and searches of trademarks and patents;

Registration of literary, artistic and scientific works;

Analysis and elaboration of licensing agreements for the use of images, publishing agreements, future works agreements, production agreements, order agreements, etc...

Corporate Criminal Law: The office acts in a preventive way of criminal liability, and in litigation, since the Inquiry  to the Superior Courts, and Crimes within the jurisdiction of the TRIBUNAL DO JURI.

Individual and collective litigation, capable of offering support and legal solutions aimed at issues of: moral damages, work accidents, occupational diseases, harassment, labor settlements, in all their extension, and others


Our office has as its principle the search for the harmonization of family conflicts, and not only the resolution of the controversy in the best possible way.  to our customer.

Extrajudicial Divorce; Consensual and Litigious Divorce; Food, Guard, Guardianship, Curatela, and follow,

In the sphere of Civil Law, the following services stand out:  

Advice, elaboration and review of civil contracts;  indemnities; Creation of guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations; Moral damages; Renegotiation of contracts;  Advice on the incorporation, alteration and dissolution of companies and others.

Among the main topics faced, we  matters of inheritance law, with emphasis on:

inventories  share and over-share goods  wills  elaboration, registration and validation  intermediation of agreements between heirs




In the protection of consumer rights, specifically in cases where there is civil redress to be sought. The defense is in any mass injury, collective or individual, as long as it glimpses indemnity capacity and, above all, focused on the various causes, physical or virtual, e-commerce, in  consultative or litigation scope. and more..


RURAL PRODUCER We act in the defense of interests, we provide comprehensive service such as: recovery of your rural credits, analysis of rural contracts, we serve you in the Criminal, Civil, Contracts, Labor, Tax, Family, Successions, etc.


do Escritório de Advocacia em Brasília



Dr. Amado Pereira

Beloved Pereira

Advogado de Inventário, regularização de imóveis e Criminalista

Dra. Edva Mangueira

Edva Mangueira

Labor Lawyer,

Social Security and Civil

Foto Dr. Claudio, veste paleto escuro, camisa azul claro, gravata vermelha, usa óculos

Dr. Claudio de B. Goulart

Attorney  Copyright, Trademarks and

Patent, and Consumer

of the Founding Partner
Capa de livro na cor azul contendo uma balança e várias pessoas sob.



The present work aims to present the Copyright Law in an easy and uncomplicated language, as subsidies to all those who intend to defend their copyright from the hands of those who want to take possession or appropriate them. It is like a “bedside book” where you will be able to enjoy themes that present themselves in every moment of our lives.



The present work approaches didactic explanation to all, with the depth of the themes treated there. It involves copyright, trademarks and patents and image rights, computer rights and consumer rights, containing legal tools in defense of respect for citizenship.


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