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Anel de noivado



Among other activities that our office carries out in the sphere of Civil Law, the following stand out:

  • Advice, preparation and review of civil contracts;

  • indemnities;

  • Constitution of guarantees of fulfillment of obligations;

  • Moral damages;

  • Renegotiation of contracts;

  • Advice on the constitution, amendment and dissolution of non-business companies, foundations, associations and cooperatives;

  • Condominium billing;

  • Assessoria, elaboração e revisão de contratos civis;

  • Indenizações;

  • Constituição de garantias de cumprimento de obrigações;

  • Danos morais;

  • Renegociação de contratos;

  • Assessoria para a constituição, alteração e dissolução de sociedades não empresárias, fundações, associações e cooperativas;

  • Cobrança de condomínio;


  • Credit recovery;

  • Civil responsability;

  • Annulment action;

  • Indemnities (and the elaboration of appropriate defenses) for material and moral damages:

  • Aiming at obtaining compensation arising from illicit acts, damage to the image and aesthetic damage, consumer rights, moral damages;

  • Companies: aiming at obtaining compensation arising from non-compliance with contracts by suppliers and service providers.


  • Advice, preparation, review and monitoring of civil contract actions:

    • Purchase and sale contracts;

    • Sale on consignment;

    • Location;

    • Real estate development;

    • Mortgage;

    • pledge;

    • Exchange or barter;

    • Health care;

    • Consortium;

    • Safe;

    • and others.

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